A defense for children marian wright

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Deaconess Center for Child Well-Being

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Children's Defense Fund

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Marian Wright Edelman

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Happy Birthday Marian Wright Edelman: Activist and Founder of the Children’s Defense Fund

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The Children's Defense Fund (CDF) is an American (c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on child advocacy and research. It was founded in by Marian Wright Edelman. [1]Founder: Marian Wright Edelman. Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children's Defense Fund. (Astrid Riecken/For The Washington Post).

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WASHINGTON Children’s Defense Fund President Marian Wright Edelman has announced Paula Jameson, an attorney with over 25 years of corporate management experience, as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Marian Wright Edelman, founder of Children’s Defense Fund, to visit Charleston – The Post and Courier (02/28/16) Marian Wright Edelman, founder of the Children’s Defense Fund, is a South Carolina native whose social activism was first sparked by her childhood experiences growing up .

A defense for children marian wright
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Happy Birthday, Marian Wright Edelman, Children’s Defense Fund Founder