A discussion on spanking as a method for punishing children

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Behavior Modification in the Classroom

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Yet the bible’s discussion of physically punishing children as a way of caring for them is brief and open to multiple interpretations—briefer and more ambiguous, in fact, than the bible’s. An analytic examination of the flawed, and the important, arguments on both sides of the abortion debate.

WHAT IS NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING? Natural Family Planning (NFP) is the practice of deliberately restricting the marital act exclusively to those times when the wife is infertile so as to avoid the conception of a child. Consequential versus Rule-Governed Behavior.

Discipline for Young Children - Discipline and Punishment: What is the Difference?

Due to their inhibitory problems, children with ADHD may function quite well under appropriate external or environmental consequences but struggle to develop the internal self-monitoring skills to. IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT EXTERNAL LINKS: The existence of a link from this website to an external website must not be taken in any way to imply that the website being linked to has any connection or involvement whatever with this website, or that the owners of the external website approve of or support or endorse this website, or vice .

A discussion on spanking as a method for punishing children
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