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A list of my publications and research interests can be found on I am on the editorial committee of the African Human Rights Law Journal and the management committee of Pretoria University Law Press. I am on the boards of the Centre for Human Rights, University of the Free State and Senior Lecturer, University of.

The Stanford Human Rights Center provides tools for students, advocates, states, and civil society to better understand how to respect and protect human rights.

The Center was created in to conduct applied human rights research. We promote events, student engagement, and public understanding of international human rights and global justice. The Human Rights Center promotes research on real-world challenges, prepares future lawyers with the commitment and skills to defend human rights, and partners with civil society, governments, and institutions to impact law, policy, and practice.

Human Rights Opportunities. Institute for the Study of Human Rights. Associate Editor for RightsViews Blog.

Center For Human Rights University Of Pretoria Dissertation

Institute for the Study of Human Rights. 91 Claremont Avenue New York, NY Introduction: The Advanced Human Rights Courses (AHRC) consist of a series of intensive advanced short courses of 1 week covering the most important aspects of human rights.

The courses take place in the Centre for Human Rights, which is both an academic department of the University of Pretoria and a non-governmental organisation. The African Moot Court on Human Rights is an initiative of the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria (South Africa).

At the end of the contest, the best students are rewarded for their thorough knowledge of human Technical Advisor- Advocacy and.

Jay D. Aronson Center for human rights university of pretoria-dissertation
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