Classes on writing a blog

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5 Best Online Training Courses for Writing and Blogging — and they’re all free!

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Elementary Writing Resources

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Reading blogs The personal blog is an interpretive online diary or commentary front by an avid, rather than a corporation or talent. The Ultimate List of Free Online Courses.

BLOGGING. Build a Profitable Blog from Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur.

Why is IEW® the best homeschool writing curriculum?

WRITING. Grammar & Online Etiquette from Andilit. Thanks so much for this great list of free courses. I’ll share it with my followers. As we all know, the Internet provides a wealth of teaching materials, and many of them are free of charge.

There are lots of web-based resources that we, writing teachers, can use to help our students become better writers: websites for ESL teachers, online corpora, discussions and forums, just to name a few.

Notes. This courses focuses on writing for blogs. For a broader look at blogging, consider our Blog Basics course.

5 Free Online Writing Labs

If you want technical assistance setting up and learning to maintain a blog, consider our One-on-One Blog you want help reaching a wider audience, consider our Blog Boost service. Is there a project that’s been tugging at your heart?

Maybe it’s a book you’d love to write. A blog. A podcast. A screenplay. A collection of letters for your kids to read one day.

This entry was posted in Classes, Publishing, Self-Publishing, Writing Tips, Young Adult Books on October 13, by steve. Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy Hey gang, our new course just came out and it’s already really popular. Jan 25,  · A writing implement of some kind.

A clear idea of where your classes are and how much time you’ll need to get there. Welcome to the Writing Workshop Blog. Written by students, for students, this blog serves as a space to discuss, promote, and improve our writing.

Classes on writing a blog
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