Smart trolley for malls

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Analyze the customer’s shopping trolley journey but also help them to find their products. Retailers can improve the customer's experience and drive revenue growth through effective use of LiFi indoor-positioning and wayfinding technology. AUTOMATION OF SHOPPING CART TO EASE QUEUE IN MALLS BY USING RFID Mr.

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In a. A New Technique for Smart Shopping Cart Jonathan Edward Smith 1, Ravi 32, Srinivas, Though shopping in malls gives the advantage of saving time to people, they the objective of the project is to design a smart trolley which will assist the customers in shopping by automating the billing process on the trolley itself which can easily be.


Smart Trolley System for Automated Billing Using RFID and ZIGBEE

Smart Trolley: A Fast and Smart Shopping Experience Using Android and Cloud shopping malls. Including the location of the shopping cart as an attribute,database is maintained at the central server.[3] International Jaournal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET).

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Smart trolley for malls
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