Tracheostomy care for patients and family

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Austin TRAMS

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Tracheostomy Care

Teaching Plan: Tracheostomy Care for Patients and Family upon Home Discharge Patients who undergo a tracheostomy and their family must demonstrate understanding and performance of. Patients & Families Resources Home / Members Only / Patients & Families / Patients & Families Resources Included below are helpful and resourceful links to websites that provide a copious amount of information about tracheostomy care specifically geared toward patients and caregivers.

The Tracheostomy Review and Management Service (TRAMS) is a specialist service introduced at Austin Health in A team of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and speech pathologists coordinate and direct the care of patients with a tracheostomy tube across three campuses and into the community.

If the tracheostomy tube will be necessary for a long period of time, the patient and family will be instructed on home care. This will include suctioning of the trachea, and changing and cleaning the tube.

Care of the Patient with a Tracheostomy Tube Staff caring for patients with a tracheostomy tube should be able to identify which type of tracheostomy tube the patient has in situ and be familiar with the care and potential problems that may arise.

For patients who are not able to perform self-care, family members need to be educated on tracheostomy care so that the patient’s needs are met (Bowers & Scase, ). Giving patients and families the knowledge and skills needed to care for their tracheostomy helps make the transition from hospital to home a safe one.

Tracheostomy care for patients and family
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