Write a unit rate for the situation $44 in 4 days

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Unit Rate Calculator

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Unit Rate Calculator

10/07/ How i write the unit rate: buying a $30 item and getting the 2nd of equal $ for 50% off. Please help. (30+15)=45/2= not sure if is like that.

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The question is find the unit rate that describes the situation: 30+30/2=2c (30+15)/2= c I am not sure how to write. Write a rate that represents the situation. icq l. Kilograms 10 15 20 25 10 Cans Write a unit rate for the situation. 3. $44 in 4 days 5.

heartbeats in 4 minutes 7. 12 cans for 6 people In 4 days, members of the Drama Society sold 80 fickets to their play. At this rate, how many tickets. A soup that serves 16 people calls for 2 cans of chopped clams,4 cups of chicken broth,6 cups of milk,and 4 cups of cubed potatoes.

which ratio table that represents this situation? Are short-term investments sufficiently close to their maturity date that their value is not sensitive to interest rate changes The number of days' sales uncollected: Is used to evaluate the liquidity of receivables.

Average and Instantaneous Rates of Change: The Derivative Another common rate of change is velocity. For instance, if we travel miles in our car. Find an answer to your question Write an inequality to model the situation. Thomas earned $44 or more.

Log in Join now High School. Mathematics. 5 points Write an inequality to model the situation. Thomas earned $44 or more. In a factory, 7 men can make 20 bicycles in 5 days. How many bicycles can be made by 4 men in 14 days? 5/5(2).

Write a unit rate for the situation $44 in 4 days
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