Writing alternate history fiction civil war

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Popular Civil War Fiction Books

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Alternate History Sci-Fi: the Best Earths that Never Were

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List of alternate history fiction

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American Civil War alternate histories

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Here are some of their intriguing conclusions. 1. What if the South won the Civil War.

The Best Sci Fi Books

What if? What if the South had won the American Civil War? What if the dinosaurs had never died out? Alternate history (a.k.a.


counterfactual history) explores these ideas and other turning points in history that turned out differently. Nov 16,  · When searching for a publisher first compile a list of alternative Civil War fiction and make note of the publishers.

Next, visit the publisher websites and search for "Submissions Guidelines." Finally, follow the guidelines to the letter and hope for the best. Alternate history, long popular with fiction writers, has also been explored by historians and journalists. Here are some of their intriguing conclusions.

1. What if the South won the Civil War? Effect: America becomes one nation again in Books shelved as civil-war-fiction: The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier, Gods.

In fact, talking about the Civil War today on the Internet can still lead to flame wars if you are not careful. In a sense people are still fighting the Civil War even to this day.

That all being said, speculative fiction has some great examples of alternate Civil War fiction.

Writing alternate history fiction civil war
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