Writing apps for dyslexia

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Apps for Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities

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FAQ about Dyslexia

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Best Apps for Students With Dyslexia

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6 iPad Apps to Help Students with Dyslexia

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Teaching Writing to Kids with Dyslexia

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Best Apps for Students With Dyslexia

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Have mom or dad or another good be the scribe and have your speech dictate the paper to them. The following is an extensive and meticulously organized list of apps that may be helpful to individuals with dyslexia, parents of dyslexics, or the professionals who work with dyslexics (teachers, tutors, reading specialists, etc.).

Overview. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding).

Ghotit Real Writer assists people with dyslexia and dysgraphia in their English writing and text correction. The application corrects badly spelled words, confused words, homophones, grammar, and punctuation like no other writing assistance tool and offers advanced word prediction with grammar and phonetics awareness capabilities.

An explosion of apps for dyslexia is opening new doors for students and adults alike. Reading, writing and notetaking have never been easier! Frequently Asked Questions About Dyslexia.

The information below has been adapted from Developmental Dyslexia (), a SPELD (SA) information sheet written by Rose Price and Karen Hodson, Adelaide psychologists, and Dyslexia: Action Plans for Successful Learning (), by Glynis Hannell.

The use of the first person indicates that this is the author's professional opinion. Kids struggling with reading, writing, and general studies can find learning support in the latest technology.

Here're 32 apps useful to students with dyslexia.

Writing apps for dyslexia
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